Simple.Data 0.2.0 available

Having polished some rough edges and created some initial documentation, I am pleased to announce the availability of the first stable release of Simple.Data. The release has been branched and will be supported with bug-fixes; new developments will be in the 0.3 trunk, leading up to another stable release in 0.4.

This release includes all the things I’ve posted about over the last couple of weeks, such as:

  • A variety of Find, Insert, Update and Delete methods;
  • Complex queries and joins across tables;
  • Adapters for SQL Server and SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5;
  • A Mocking assembly to make unit-testing your projects easier;
  • XmlMockAdapter, which lets you specify data for Simple.Data calls using an XML string within the test definition;

If you’re not into the whole git cloning and building thing, you can just download the binaries here.

Documentation is on the Github wiki. I’ll be extending it over the coming days.

If you encounter any problems, please consider creating an issue to report it. For any questions, you can either contact me directly through Github or Twitter, or I’ve created a Google Group for discussion, if the library gets enough users to start one.

That’s it for now, because it’s really, really late. I’ve got a couple of posts lined up about the development and a look at the Ruby gems that inspired this project, so check back for those soon.



  1. David Fowler says:

    Is it on nuget yet? 🙂

    • Not quite. I’m adding stored proc support, and a full Query model with explicit joins, aliasing and column lists. That will be 1.0 and go on NuGet. Should be there by 4th Jan 2011.

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