Hidden Complexity

This coming Monday at Skills Matter in London, I’ll be giving my new talk, Hidden Complexity: Inside Simple.Data and Simple.Web for the first time. In October, I’ll be presenting it at Dev Day in Krakow and Leetspeak in Malmo as well.

Simple.Data and Simple.Web are like the proverbial duck: on the surface, everything is clean and calm and simple, but underneath, there’s a whole lot going on. There’s some runtime code generation using System.Linq.Expressions; in the case of Simple.Data, there’s a lot of dynamic stuff going on; in Simple.Web, I’ve built a whole asynchronous pipeline on top of Tasks; and there are some downright abuses of the C# language in there for good measure.

In the course of writing these things, I’ve learned a hell of a lot, sometimes from trial and error, and sometimes from gurus like Jon Skeet (mainly abuses of C#) and Bill Wagner (mainly code generation), so this talk is my attempt to share some of that acquired knowledge. It might not be that useful in day-to-day programming – I certainly don’t use most of it on a regular basis – but I hope at the very least it will be an interesting and entertaining look at how fun code can get when you step off the well-trodden paths and into the backwoods of C# and .NET programming.

I’m on the look-out for more opportunities to present this one, so if you run a user group or have an event planned where this might fit in, please get in touch.

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