I’m Mark Rendle and this is my blog.

I’m the founder and CTO of Oort Corporation, a new company building cloud-based software for people who build cloud-based software. Our first product, Zudio, a Windows Azure Storage toolkit, is currently in public preview and will be fully launching in April 2013.

I also continue to work closely with Dot Net Solutions Ltd, where they are creating all manner of software and services on the Microsoft stack, including ASP.NET MVC, Windows Azure and WPF.

I am currently in my third year as a Windows Azure Development MVP.

My career in software design and development spans three decades and more programming languages than I care to remember. C# has been my favourite language pretty much since the first public beta, when you had to write the code in a text editor and compile it on the command line. Those were the days. You kids today, with your IntelliSense™ and your ReSharpers, don’t know you’re born…

In my spare time, I work on the Simple.Data not-an-ORM and Simple.Web projects, and wander the world speaking at conferences and user groups. That’s when I’m not just geeking out learning new programming languages and frameworks; in 2013 I’m working a lot with TypeScript and AngularJS.


  1. Your blog is fantastic. Love your 2013 developer machine.

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